Thursday, 13 May 2010

The girl and the dragon

Lineart done with Micron pen and black Bic pen

Image © D. Falcão

Commission for friend

A friend of mine commissioned me this piece. It has two wolves from a fantasy/anthropomorphic story and universe, therefore their colours are not "natural".

It was done in watercolour paper, using watercolour, coloured pencils, graphite and acrylic.

Image © D. Falcão
Characters © Kat Bongard and Mel Miller

Friday, 7 May 2010

Ema for Vista Alegre

A drawing of an Ema for future use as a mascot of children's workshop event at Vista Alegre.

First it was done in paper, then inked with black markers. After being scanned the pictures were coloured using photoshop

Image©D. Falcão

Listas, the giraffe

A few drawings of a character named Listas, a giraffe that had stripes instead of brown patches. Drawings were done traditionally, using watercolours, coloured pencils and graphite. Occasionally markers were used for the lineart.

Characters © Susana Almeida
Image © D. Falcão